Master Classes

Master Classes – $10

Core Cocktails

Lifted Booty

Armed and Dangerous


Barre Bang

Barre with more Booty

Barre Gliders

Bombshell Booty

Tabata or Nada

Total Body Bootcamp 1

Total Body Bootcamp 2

Hard Core HIIT 1

Hard Core HIIT 2

Core Junkies

Metcon Meltdown

Final Countdown

BIIT of Barre

Banded Booty

Rapped Out Reps

Lock and Load

Metabolic Mayhem

Core Love

Upper Body AMRAP


Turbo-Charged Total Body


Banded Barre

Metabolic Master

Modern Sculpt

Barre Blueprint

Arm Candy

HIITs Blitz

Banded Barre

Pilates Powered Barre

I Ain’t Your EMOMma!

Bodyweight Booty

Core Chaos

Metcon Cuts

Sweet Cheeks

Breathless Barre

POP of P.A.P. Post Activation Potentiation (Complex Training)

Abs on Fire

Functional Firestorm

Barre Baby Got Back and Booty

All time HIITs

Glutes on Fire

Heavy Metal

4 Master Classes for $30

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Workshops w/CEUS – $25

All Small Ball

Bands for Barre and Booty

Core Amour

Glute Reboot

TRX Tricks and Hacks

50 Ways to Stability Ball